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Listing ID Category Title Location
 345773 Found: BriefcaseBriefcaseSimi Valley, California. 93063
 343845 Found: KeysKeysSimi Valley, California. 93065
 336832 Lost: WalletBlack leather wallet with car keySimi Valley, California. 93065
315148 Lost: Chains, NecklacesEgg Shaped Pendant on Gold ChainSimi Valley, California. 93063
 315104 Lost: Glasses, Sunglasses, Cases and BinocularsPrescription eyeglassesSimi Valley, California. 93062
313858 Lost: CatsLong hair Calico Simi Valley, California. 93063
312676 Lost: CatsTwo lost Female CATSSimi Valley, California. 93063
 311085 Lost: Cellular Phones, Mobile Phones, Phones\"iphone 6 Gold/white with gold coverSimi Valley High
SIMI VALLEY, California. 93063
 308214 Lost: Other CurrencyCashiers Check for $1000Simi Valley, California. 93063
 307385 Lost: DogsLost DogSimi Valley, California. 93062
307377 Lost: DogsChihuahua (Responds to Jasmine)Simi Valley, California. 93065
 302330 Lost: JewelryWedding setSimi Valley, California. 93065
 301113 Lost: Sports - Miscellaneous OtherSurfboard in blue bagSimi Valley, California. 93065
 300979 Found: BirdsDoes a Simi Valley, California. 93063
 297354 Found: KeysFound set of KeysSimi Valley, California. 93062
 296145 Found: CD, DVD, IPOD, MP3 Players, Cassette PlayersNewer model I-PADSimi Valley, California. 93062
 296135 Found: CD, DVD, IPOD, MP3 Players, Cassette PlayersNewer model I-PADSimi Valley, California. 93063
293998 Lost: Dogs4 yr old Pekingese lost Simi Valley, California. 93063
 292930 Lost: DogsThe Simi Valley, California. 93062
 291362 Found: KeysSet of keys found Simi Valley, California. 93062
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